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For a life of full of adventure and risk – a life in which we can make the greatest contribution to The One expressing as the many – you have come to the right place. Every inch I have taken, forward and backwards. Every choice I have made, good and bad has taken me on a journey that will define me as a person. I need just work out the details.

There is no certainty of outcome, only the deep conviction that to plunge forward, with all my heart is infinitely better than to disengage from life by staying in the safety of the harbor until storms forcefully cast me adrift...

Do not go where the path may lead… Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail

duane charles gighiveDuane Charles Music Entrepreneur, Founder of the GiGhive Brand and owner of the 616 Music Venue. The GiGhive brand consists of the online music Network, IANMA Organization, theBuzz Music Blog, and 616.

Duane Charles is an aspiring music artist, who now spends much of his time building, branding, designing, coding and bootstrapping the network from the ground up.

Who is Duane Charles?

I can say for certain, I am an "independent artist" in the truest sense of the word and on a quest to redefine the independent artist niche in much the same way many new tech startups are redefining their respective industries.

I am among a growing niche of new artists who come in all flavors, from musicians, to photographers, to writers, to web designers etc; who are making their own rules. It is my job to find these artists and show them there is better way to remain financially independent in a hostile climate we call the music industry

If you are an artist and passionate about what is possible with the power of independent music... Support and Follow the Journey. www.gighive.com

A brands for Independent Artists, built and supported by Independent Artists…

Current Projects in the works for 2017-18

You can find me @

Visit me @ 616 Music Venue (616 58th ST. Kenosha WI 53140)

Email me @ music at gighive.com